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New homes on the range: Weary city dwellers escape to Montana, creating a property gold rush – “I’ll be really curious to see what all of these buyers think of our winters.”

Am I on the road?  winter driving traffic
Montana’s less-flashy population centers, from the old railroad hub of Billings to the college town of Missoula, also are seeing buying frenzies.
The infusion of wealth is creating tension; Bozeman is now a city of haves and have-nots, and it is breeding resentment.

She checked in with a retired business owner from Indiana who had cold-called a few weeks earlier after watching the opening episodes of “Yellowstone,” the Paramount series starring Kevin Costner about a sixth-generation Montana rancher trying to save his land.  (Yellowstone Season 2: ‘We’re Gonna Kill ‘Em, Son’)


The man has never been to Montana but was mesmerized by the swashbuckling image of Costner on a horse, wearing a Stetson and corralling his cattle. Plus, there’s politics. “If Joe Biden wins, I’m getting out of the Midwest,” he told Durham.


He planned to fly out before the snow came.



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