Missoula non-profit Tell Us Something has people sharing their stories – Does your community have stories to tell?

Missoula non-profit encouraging people to tell their stories through “Tell Us Something”

It started in 2011 and it is just what it sounds like, an evening of true stories told by regular people on stage to an audience, revealing something about themselves.

“Some haven’t been on the stage before. They’re regular people like me and you and talking our truth and some are hilarious stories, and some are heartbreaking stories,” Tell Us Something executive director Marc Moss said.

Moss told MTN News that storytellers get three minutes to pitch their story on the pitch line. A selection committee picks the story ideas that fit that event’s theme, and then those selected get together to workshop and practice their stories that are no longer than 10 minutes in length.

Storytelling Will Save the Earth – Would you like to learn how to tell a great story?

Storytelling allows us to make sense of the world.

2022 End of Year Wrap-up for Tell Us Something – Your Donations Are Appreciated

We often reflect on what makes a good story. One can name a number of elements, but it’s you. It’s our community. It’s the roomful of people who come together to listen, to witness, and to share in one of the most powerful means of connecting.

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  1. Russ Fletcher on January 26, 2023 at 4:47 am

    It’s amazing to sit in a sold out Wilma and listen to the stories of life. You owe it to yourself to attend the next event in March.

    I have long admired Tell Us Something and it’s mission of bringing the amazing stories of Montanans to the community.

    I have repeatedly encouraged organizations to consider collaborating with the organization to bring the wonderful program to more Montana communities so that we can collectively better understand other areas of the state and bring their stories to everyone.

    Do you believe your community would benefit from story telling events?

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