Winifred, Montana K-12school is getting a $40 Million high-tech upgrade

Winifred, Montana

The public school in Winifred is getting a high-tech upgrade. The K-12 school will soon feature lab spaces, areas for woodwork, agricultural science, car repair, and a competition-standard gym with an indoor running track.

The renovation will double the size of the original school and is the brainchild of Winifred native Norman Asbjornson, the founder of AAON, Inc.

The vision, particularly from Norman and the design team as a whole, is that we could start to see this level of educational facility ripple throughout the state, that this will be a model for others to look to and say, ‘How do I accomplish that?’” Eaton explained.

The school design is meant to foster collaboration and changes in the way engineering is taught with multidisciplinary workspaces.


By: Cassandra Soto

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Photos: Investment in school and business comes to Winifred, Montana

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