Western Sensibility was founded by a third-generation textile printer and luxury interior designer to operate at the cross-section of art and science. 

Passionate about taking the textile and wallcovering printing processes from analog to digital, Kathryn Sanders and Leana Becker have a new vision for sustainably designing, printing, and manufacturing textiles and wallcoverings for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces.

Born out of an incessant desire to innovate and experiment, Kathryn and Leana saw the opportunity to unlock the creative potential in the home by working with artists and designers to illustrate new ways for print, pattern, color, and texture to thrive. After years of experience working in textile development, interior design, and digital printing, it became incredibly clear that artists craved a collaborative studio that supports their vision and helps guide process, design, feel, and function.

Utilizing their backgrounds — Kathryn’s in textile development and Leana’s in luxury interior design — the duo meticulously engineered the Western Sensibility textile and wallcovering collections to ensure print clarity, longevity, and unparalleled hand-feel with state-of-the-art, life-friendly technology. With a richer base palette, they challenged the way traditional patterns were conceived — pushing the limits on the size of repeats, layering various textures, and exploring an almost infinite array of colors.

Kathryn and Leana built Western Sensibility to champion digital printing technology, which can help the textile and wallcovering industries decrease their carbon footprint while also increasing its creative capacity. Western Sensibility is a new kind of printing studio that blends art, sustainability, and textile technology.

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