Northwestern Energy 2019 Environmental Stewardship: Our Commitment In Action



Enriching lives through a safe, sustainable energy future.


Working together to deliver safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions that create value for customers, communities, employees and investors.


We live our values through a strong and binding commitment to safety in our work practices, excellence in service to our customers, treating everyone with respect, creating value for our stakeholders, conducting our business with the utmost integrity, community involvement, and environmental responsibility, each and every day.


NorthWestern Energy’s policy is to provide cost-effective, reliable and stably priced energy while being good stewards of the natural resources and complying with environmental regulations.We apply the following environmental principles in our day-to-day business:

1.Our business practices reflect a respect for, and a commitment to, sustainability and the long-term quality of the environment.

2.One of our priorities is being good stewards of natural and cultural resources at our hydroelectric projects.

3.We comply with the spirit as well as the letter of environmental laws and regulations.

4.Environmental issues and impacts are an integral part of our planning, operating and maintenance decisions.

5.We promote our customers’ efforts to be energy efficient.

6.We support providing energy through non-carbon emitting and renewable resources when consistent with our statutory requirement to provide cost-effective energy.

7.We strive to minimize the generation of wastes and promote the reuse and/or recycling of materials.

8.We seek to improve our environmental compliance and stewardship continuously.

9.We embrace a team culture where positive environmental stewardship and compliance are encouraged, mentored and rewarded.

10.Our contractors and consultants must comply with this policy when working for or representing NorthWestern Energy.


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