Missoula, Montana Included In The Inc. 10 Best Small Cities for Entrepreneurs.


If you’re thinking about starting a business, you may dream of taking a big city by storm: San Francisco, New York, or Austin, Inc.’s top “surge city” for entrepreneurship. But maybe you should consider a smaller city instead.

Missoula, Montana

This city is surrounded by five mountains, and thus is often referred to as the “hub of five valleys.” It’s home to the University of Montana, giving it a more educated workforce than elsewhere in the state. And with more than 73,000 inhabitants, Missoula just barely fits under the threshold for a small city.

This city long depended on the logging industry for employment, but as logging dwindled, other industries took its place. These days, civil engineering, construction, and transportation are all important local industries.


Nestled in the mountains of Western Montana is a small city of big opportunity. It is a place where tip-the-hat Western culture merges with vibrant cosmopolitan flair, a city at the threshold of wilderness, an intellectual and commercial hub where hard work and avid recreation serve as the balancing ethics of true prosperity.

We can tell you Missoula by the numbers, and the numbers are impressive. For a city of relatively small size, Missoula is home to a remarkably well-educated and skilled workforce. We boast robust commercial infrastructure, excellent transportation and shipping options, low utility rates, no sales tax, and a stable, diverse economy. We have some of the finest natural amenities in the world; yet it doesn’t cost a lot to live among them.

But anyone who has visited here knows that Missoula is much more than an aggregate of statistics. It is a true community, rich with character and culture. It is a great place to raise a family, a peaceful place to retire and an epic place to play.

We’ve included a few highlights about our community at the links featured on this page. If you would like detailed reports customized to your needs, please call the Missoula Economic Partnership at 406.541.6461. We can help you make it happen here.

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