21 Charts That Explain How America Is Failing Schools

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As conceived by America’s founding fathers, public education was supposed to bind together a nation of immigrants from disparate classes. But public schools today are at the center of controversy, over curricula, security protocols, mask mandates, and more. As of June, only 29% of Americans—and just 14% of Republicans—put their trust in them, the lowest level since Gallup began asking the question in 1973. Parents are increasingly voting with their feet. Voucher programs in 15 states now use taxpayer dollars to subsidize tuition at private or religious schools. Charter schools account for almost 7% of overall enrollment; in Washington, D.C., 43% of public school children attend one. Also, more kids are getting home-schooled. This fragmentation is fostering divisions along racial and socioeconomic lines in ways that run contrary to the original ideal.


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City Club Missoula – Getting Schooled: Perspectives on Public Education in Montana – 9/19 – 11:30 – In Person and Streamed

The panel, featuring State Representative David Bedey, McCall Flynn, the Executive Director of the Montana Board of Public Education, and Lance Melton, Executive Director of the Montana School Board Association, will cover such topics as the roles of school boards, parental involvement, curriculum development and content, as well as teacher accreditation and licensure requirements.


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