“Sx͏ʷix͏ʷ͏uytis Smx̣e”: State transportation commission approves ‘Beartracks’ name for Missoula, Montana’s Higgins bridge – How do you say “Sx͏ʷix͏ʷ͏uytis Smx̣e”?


As the transportation commission considered the name, community leaders began looking at ways to note the history of the crossing, and that behind the Beartracks name. There’s also been talk of embossing the new bridge with bear tracks, though that may not be feasible given its construction methods.

The concrete sidewalk decks are fabricated elsewhere and brought in for installation.

“We’re thinking about some other way to emboss it on the bridge,” Strohmaier said. “We’re looking at a work around. There will be signage.”



By Martin Kidston



We hope all can learn to say the name of the bridge correctly.  We owe it to those who were here.


How do I say “Sx͏ʷix͏ʷ͏uytis Smx̣e”?


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