Keep Calm. Carry On. Autonomous Vehicles Are Just the End of Parking.

Empty parking lot


The proliferation of autonomous vehicles (AVs) will require planners and policy makers to fundamentally change the way they think about parking. Don’t worry; keep calm and carry on. It is just the end of parking as we know it. In the meantime, we put forth two core ideas that will help city officials prepare for this important transportation transition: 1) considering how the development of AV technology will result in reduced auto ownership and 2) thinking about parking demand planning and their relations with land use.


 As autonomous vehicles continue to appear on roads around the world, planners and engineers must be proactive in devising new and creative uses for soon-to-be-obsolete urban parking.


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Harold’s Club Pigeon-Hole Parking Garage

You’d simply drive-in and a huge forklift-like mechanism would lift your car up two or three stories into a “pigeon hole” for safekeeping until you came back to claim it.

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