Being laughed out of Silicon Valley, because I was from Montana, was the best thing to happen to my startup


Ten years ago, when I was starting a tech company designed to simplify scheduling for independent service professionals, I was laughed out of Silicon Valley. Not only was I seen as the antithesis of the founder prototype, the venture capital community saw my Montana location as hard to get to and a deterrent to attracting top talent. At the time, the feedback was humbling, but I decided to grow my company here in Bozeman, as I saw Montana not as a liability, but as an asset.

Since then, Montana has received recognition as a growing tech hub. Now, I can’t walk to a coffee shop without running into some of those same VCs, and my company has gone on to be a category leader. I’ve learned some poignant lessons building a company in Bozeman and seeking alternative sources for investment rather than continuing to chase down institutional funds.



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