Who are those little red trucks from Montana and why do they visit towns and hamlets across the globe?

It was a cold and stormy morning when a mysterious little red truck driven by two professional actor/directors pulled into town. They had everything aboard the truck to produce a one-hour children’s musical – sets, costumes, scripts, lights etc. – everything, that is, except a cast.

But where would they find them?

The word spread and the children began to appear. As they ventured into the auditorium, with the younger ones clutching the hands of their parents, the cast grew to 50 to 60 local kids age 6-18.

They began with the basics and grew from there. The excitement also grew as they realized that each would have a part on the big stage in front of the entire town. Monday quickly dissolved into Tuesday into Wed and then it was Saturday.

On that day, each one of them took the big beautiful stage in their new costumes and a sparkling musical hit the stage – all memorized with choreography and the works. The town is amazed and thrilled and the kids have a new sense of pride and accomplishment!

After the performance and as the applause dies down, the little red truck with its two magic makers disappears down the road on to another town that wants the best for its children.

Who are those little red trucks from Montana and why do they visit towns and hamlets across the globe?


"We still had parents with tears, thrilled at seeing their child do something they never thought possible, thanking us with words I couldn’t understand. We had kids hugging and laughing, drinking in the joy of accomplishment. The children kept coming up and begging us to come back every week….No different than any other week."

ON THE ROAD WITH MCT: Teaching without words in Mexico


Years ago, we discovered that something very special happens in this intense working experience. The kids were the first to connect the dots and realize that focus, teamwork, tolerance, and plain old hard work yielded amazing results in their lives. Suddenly, armed with a positive self image, they applied these lifeskills to their studies and everyday lives after we left town. That is why our mission statement reads:

The development of lifeskills in children through participation in the performing arts.

Founded in 1970, the Missoula Children’s Theatre operates the world’s largest touring Children’s Theatre. The MCT International Tour as it is know in internationally brings an intense performing arts to school children worldwide.

MCT is commissioned by nearly 1200 communities worldwide each year to bring their magic to town. In just 6 days MCT achieves the impossible but it needs your help.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) began touring in 1972


· MCT completes nearly 1,200 Residencies

· Over 65,000 children perform in MCT shows

· 750,000 people are reached by an MCT show

· 1 million highway miles are logged by MCT vehicles

· MCT employs 43 professional tour teams & 50 home staff

· MCT visits all 50 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 14 countries

Building and Educating Citizens of the Future

77% of Americans believe arts should be paid for as part of the regular school budget.

Report from Princeton University 2004


In a 10-year Stanford University study, young people who participate in intensive arts programs after school were:

· Four times more likely to win an academic award such as;

being named to the honor roll

· Eight times more likely to receive a community service award

· Three times more likely to win a school attendance award

· Four times more likely to participate in a math or science fair

A complete education in the arts and humanities is proven to help students:

· Think creatively

· Communicate effectively

· Work collaboratively in today’s fast-paced, technologically-

advanced global economy

Courtesy of the Center for Arts and Culture 2001


Higher Test Scores

In 2000 College-Bound Seniors: A Profile of SAT Program Test Takers, (The College Board, 1987-1998) students with four years of study in the arts scored:

· 59 points higher on verbal skills

· 44 points higher in mathematics

For at risk youth involved in school arts programs:

· attendance increased 80%

· teamwork increased 100%

· team building skills improved 90%

· grades improved up to 80%

Los Angeles Theater of Hearts- La Vida School


If there is one kid, anywhere, who can be helped by the MCT tour project—we’re on our way. That philosophy leads to as-yet unlimited growth and a continued dedication to affordability and, therefore, new and sustainable sources of financial support. As the direct costs of the tour increase regularly and, in some cases, dramatically, the majority of MCT presenters are struggling to keep up with the increasing expenses. So the quest for alternative funds has become one of MCT’s priorities for the future. Regular requests for variations of existing programs (advanced tours for older kids, regional camps, community theatre workshops, etc.) occupy much of the company’s planning energy. Several film and television opportunities relating to tour experiences are in the works and the initial planning stages have begun for the MCT Residency High School for Musical Theatre—based in Missoula and designed to fill the needs and challenges of talented, underserved young people from rural settings.

The Bottom Line

The Missoula Children’s Theatre continues to grow and flourish based on a combination of sound fiscal management, a dedicated professional Board and Staff and a strong emphasis on unique, highly creative and effective programs which bring the value of participation in the arts to a new and life-essential level.

MCT is seeking corporate partners to join us in delivering our product. We invite you to join us in our adventures, in our quests and in our victories.

If your company or a company you know of is interested in learning more about how it can support the little red trucks while also raising its visibility and community outreach, please contact

Don Collins


Sr. Development Officer MCT

[email protected]


406-728-1911 X 180


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