Video – Hank Green Talks About – The Biggest Deal in Climate History Almost Didn’t Happen

Hank Green

The thing about this bill is that it’s going to keep having a huge impact on the country for many many years and, mostly, we will not even notice. That’s what happens with almost all good legislation. Of course, there will also be some bits of this that won’t work as intended and they’ll probably be big news stories. When you’ve got like 150 different pieces of a bill, not everything will be perfect! But it is quite a big deal for me to see America making these investments…even if I’m not gung-ho on all of them, and some of them legit piss me off…it’s an amazing step that I did not think we would be making.


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House Passes Democrats’ $437 Climate Bill. 4 Ways Your Taxes Could Change in Its Wake


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