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VICE News Tonight 4/14 on HBO – Rural Montana and the rest of America are running out of teachers – Montana State University has a plan.

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On a cold Sunday morning, 13 Montana State University  students, many of them seniors, prepared for an unusual Spring Break. They weren’t headed for the beach, or to a cabin, or even on vacation—they were going to a small town in Montana called Shelby, where almost everyone was eagerly waiting for their arrival. The trip is part of a new program at Montana State University, which sends aspiring teachers on a week-long date with the places that need them the most: rural parts of the state, where districts are running out of teachers. “Even 10 years ago they were still pulling in people getting applications being more selective about who we can hire,” said Dr. Tena Versland, a professor at Montana State University who helped found the program two years ago. “Now it’s just find someone.”

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