Missoula SOUP micro-grants bring small businesses to life


Missoula SOUP held its first micro-granting dinner last week, where diners could select one of four business ideas – pitched by their developers – to win startup funds raised via cash donations at the door.

“It’s an idea that comes from Detroit,” said SOUP organizer Grace Decker. “After the Great Recession, Detroit was really reeling, and the city infrastructure and neighborhood services really disappeared because the city couldn’t pay for them. People who lived there did a lot of cool and creative things to try and reinvent their city. It’s been successful, and has spawned other SOUP events in the Detroit area and across the country.”

By intent, the business ideas are widely diverse, and audience members can donate any amount at the door.


Missoula SOUP will continue to sponsor grant dinners in the year ahead, with the next one scheduled for May 9 at Free Cycles.

By Mari Hall

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