Is ‘Fake Meat’ A Viable Threat To Ranchers?

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  1. Russ Fletcher on January 28, 2019 at 8:51 am

    I’ve enjoyed “Impossible Burgers” several times in SF area restaurants and just had my first burger in Montana at the Liquid Planet Grill in Missoula across from the University. Delicious and only $2 more than a traditional burger. The price will go down and the availability will go up. Sorry, both my wife and I grew up on ranches, but with meat production and support taking over 40% of the land in the U.S., this is the future.

    We tried cooking the new Impossible Burger

    The meat growing in this San Francisco lab will soon be available at restaurants – next up is more exciting: affordable Wagyu beef.

    Impossible Foods is making 500,000 pounds of fake meat a month

    Disrupting the Cow: The Impossible Burger – This Plant-Based Burger Smells, Tastes, and Bleeds Like the Real Thing

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