Indiana Government Stops Solar Net Metering, Costs Voters Thousands!

Solar panels

There’s been a disgusting development in Indiana that not only hurts the environment and national security, but could cost middle-class homeowners (and voters!) thousands of dollars per Indiana household.

It’s called net metering, a practice that allows individuals who own rooftop solar to “sell back” extra, unneeded electricity back to the utility company as credit against their bill (with many people getting checks back for the energy they produce). Now, thanks to oil industry and utility lobbying, Indiana homeowners installing new rooftop solar systems in any of the state’s investor-owned utilities’ areas will no longer be able to sell their power back to the grid for what they’d pay for it, which could seriously hurt the appeal of installing rooftop solar in many cases, which will lead to fewer people choosing to put panels on their roof … and that’s the point.

The end of net metering is a result of Indiana’s Senate Enrolled Act 309 (or, SEA 309). This bill, which was requested by investor-owned utilities



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