Great Falls, Montana ranked in the Top Cities Where Americans Start the Most Businesses

Great Falls Development Association
In this study, AdvisorSmith researched the number of new businesses formed on a per capita basis in 353 U.S. cities and 50 U.S. states to find the cities and states where people are most likely to start a new business. We also broke down the cities by size in order to fairly compare business creation rates in similar-sized cities.
Great Falls, MT was ranked #9 for cities with a population under 150,000! With a strong entrepreneurial backbone, this was no surprise to us.
And of all 353 cities considered in this study, Great Falls, MT ranked #23 nationwide with 3.13 new business created per 1,000 population.
This, of course, confirms what we already know – that small and mid-sized cities are leading economic growth with strong entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Don’t believe us? Check out the data for yourself!
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Great Falls Development Authority
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