Utah Governor Huntsman keeps public in dark on subsidies to expand or relocate companies to the state.

Secretive approach to tax-dollar incentives differs from rival states

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. pledged a more open government during his campaign. Yet after his first year in office, Utah is more secretive than ever in how it doles out millions in taxpayer subsidies to lure companies to expand or relocate to the state.

The increase in secrecy comes at a time when Utah is pledging a record level of incentives – as much as $23 million to 14 out-of-state companies in 2005 alone. The amount pledged in corporate incentives is more than double the amount offered to companies the year before Huntsman took office, in great part because of the popularity of a tax-rebate program approved last year by the Legislature.

By Lesley Mitchell
The Salt Lake Tribune

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