This privacy ring is like an Incognito Mode for real life

Privacy ring

magine this: You’re marching toward a protest when a police van rolls up. There are whispers that the mayor has chosen to crack down on public dissension, and you’re worried that your peaceful demonstration could be misconstrued as something else. If it is, your face will be captured by a random camera, recognized, and filed as a problematic citizen—perhaps it will even get you arrested.

So do you don a mask? Nah. You just flip a switch on your ring. And anyone from the government to random advertisers can no longer use your face to identify you.

By Mark Wilson


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Right to privacy: Missoula legislator’s bill bars sale of GPS data without consent

Senate Bill 242, sponsored by Sen. Bryce Bennett, D-Missoula, would bar companies from selling GPS data without explicit consent.


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