Rob and Terry Ryan’s STARS initiative ( Science and Technology At ouR Schools) Gifts Computers to Math Lab at Hamilton High School.

An Additional 30 Laptop Computers Given to the Math Classroom by Rob and Terry Ryan.

Rob and Terry Ryan’s goal is to make the Hamilton High School , the most modern and best equipped science and technology school in the state. “Our hope is that our giving will trigger others to do the same at Hamilton and surrounding schools” . Rob has seen as an entrepreneur and a CEO the changes brought on by a global economy and global competition. Today our students compete with students from India and China when they take their place in the workforce.I want them to be able to succeed

STARS is a way to give back. My Dad and Mom sacrificed a lot to give me the opportunity to go to college ( Cornell). It was a very big stretch for our family. This is my way of “giving back “ . For Terry, my wife she was raised in an academic family, her Dad was a Professor at Cornell, so there is a deep abiding respect for learning. We both believe that if one child advances on in Science because of our gifts it will have been worth it”

The Ryan’s recently donated computers and state of the art lab equipment for 3 high tech “dream classrooms” in biology, physics and chemistry to Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Montana . With this gift,they donated 30 laptop computers and the infrastructure necessary to the Math classroom to further increase the opportunities for each student. This is truly an outstanding gift to the future of Montana. Kevin M. Conwell, the Principal of Hamilton High said,

"The donation that we received from the Ryan’s was truly extraordinary. To receive in excess of $100,000 from a private party is really unheard of for a public school. We are certainly counting ourselves as very fortunate. To me, what makes it even more special is that fact the donation is strictly for academics. A high school’s sports teams and other extracurricular activities are usually in the public eye, but of course the primary reason for our existence is the education of our youth. The Ryan’s have a passion for education in general and for the sciences in particular. The technological equipment and software that we are purchasing with this donation will transform two of our science rooms and one of our math rooms into state-of-the-art laboratories for our students. We have known for years that students learn best when they learn by doing. These labs will give our students the hands-on experiences and instant feedback that will make learning come to life for them. I have always been proud of the caliber of graduates that we have turned out at Hamilton High School. The opportunity that we have been given to further enhance our math and science curriculum through this grant and hence our students educational opportunities make me want to burst at the seams."

With this grant the Hamilton school Math program will have state of the art computer instruction and participation.

“The generosity of the Ryan’s will allow our students to engage in student-centered investigations using classroom computers and software to discover geometric properties. These tools give students the ability to both visualize and analyze specific mathematical concepts. The dynamic nature of this new technology helps math come alive for students. We’re very excited about the possibilities and opportunities these gifts present for HHS students. Thanks again to the Ryans." Mark Albert, Hamilton High School Math Teacher

Other teachers at Hamilton High are also thankful for this generosity.

“The equipment that we have acquired through the “dream classroom” grant provides students with a remarkable opportunity to be involved in very high quality laboratory experiences. The students are aware that they are being provided with a unique experience. “

“This technology will undoubtedly motivate and inspire students.”

“Much of the equipment dramatically increases student’s ability to visualize and document what have previously been illusive concepts in science.”

“The equipment purchased by the Ryan grant is state-of-the art. It will allow students to more fully learn by doing and seeing as opposed to simply hearing. Using this equipment, students can learn more science through hands-on research and inquiry. They are able to very quickly and accurately gather scientific data through experimentation. From analysis of such data, they can come to derive and understand basic scientific concepts at their own pace with the teacher acting as a guide.” Tony Favero, Hamilton High School

While they haven’t had the new equipment for very long, the students at the school are already reaping the benefits of having the latest technology available to them.

“The quality of the images from the digital microscopes is excellent. The imaging software that goes with it has a lot of potential to turn the usual biology labs into really great labs.”

“It’s amazing that we can do these types of high tech labs in a high school classroom.”

“The stuff we’re doing with DNA is really cool.”

This is the last phase of the “Dream classroom” project started by the Ryan’s under their Stars initiative.

The Ryans want to help Hamilton High become a state of the art center for science and technology teaching and set an example for other schools. The second phase of the initiative will be a program for “One Child One Computer”. They hope that others will meet the challenges of educating our children and do whatever they can to assist their local schools.

Every day we don’t provide them the very best is an opportunity lost.

To learn more about STARS, please call 406-363-0164 extension 6 or e-mail

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