Proposed bill aims to establish intercity passenger rail service in Indiana and beyond

Regional rail

Groups including the Northern Indiana Passenger Rail Association have been pushing for passenger rail through Fort Wayne for years. In 2016, the Federal Railroad Administration even approved a rail association-backed Alternatives Analysis and Public Input process for a proposed passenger rail line from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago – with a stop in Fort Wayne.

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County officials push southern Montana passenger rail effort – Aboard Amtrak’s Crescent, surprising comfort and welcome seclusion on a slow train to Mississippi

I would gladly ride another long-distance route on Amtrak. If, that is, one remains available to ride.

Report Lays Out Framework for a Cascadia High-Speed Rail Authority

“Rather than relying on congested highways or increasing air traffic, UHSGT [ultra-high-speed ground transportation] offers sustainable alternative to traveling greater distances quickly and reliably,” the executive summary states.

The U.S. Can Absolutely Afford to Build More Rail

The persistent myth that it just costs more to build train lines in the U.S. than it does abroad is mostly bunk, a new analysis finds — but costs quickly balloon when we start building them underground, for reasons that researchers can’t yet fully explain.

It’s official: Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority forms, eyes southern route

It’s the first such rail authority ever established in Montana.

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