Portland Ambassadors host business leaders on a "best practices" trip to Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The Portland Ambassadors’ first European Best Practices visit is the latest in a series of trips to top-rated, forward-thinking cities. Meetings with key leaders in Denmark and Sweden and project site visits will explore the innovations and projects that have earned these cities worldwide acclaim for everything from the best trail networks to energy use and clean-technology exports.

Copenhagen, Denmark & Malmo, Sweden

* A story of unparalleled cooperation between two nations

* Copenhagen: #11 World’s Best Cities, best trail network in the world

* Denmark’s #1 export: renewable energy technology

* Malmo: creating a new future for itself with sustainability

Stockholm, Sweden

* The cleanest city in Europe

* #20 World’s Best Cities

* Committed to an oil-free energy & transportation economy by 2020

Early Registration deadline: April 1, 2008. Space is limited!

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