Missoula ready to explore faster Internet connections

The Missoula City Council is ready to launch its own study into the demand for a high-speed "GigaPOP" connection to the region’s Internet backbone, checking to see if the project is feasible, and could drive the city’s future economic development.

by Dennis Bragg – KPAX News

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Missoula looking to speed up notoriously slow Internet speed

GigaPoP would tap directly into Internet super highway

There are currently no stops or access points to this national backbone anywhere in Montana. Local service providers buy access from telecommunication conglomerates like AT&T who route data through GigaPoPs elsewhere across the country.

"Right now if you’re sending an email, for example, it goes from Seattle to Minneapolis and then back to Missoula," Missoula City Councilwoman Caitlin Copple said.

by Brett Bernsten

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