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As we welcome a New Year, there is a common leadership practice to select your word(s) of the year to guide your intentions throughout the next 12 months. At the Leadership Montana Board meeting last week, we selected Process, Commitment, and Transparency are our “north stars” for 2024. My personal words for the year are simplify and rhythm. What are yours?




Leadership Montana Webinar: Higher Education’s Demographic Cliff  – 2/21 – Online

What’s the higher education demographic cliff? It can be described as “the number of traditional college-aged students will peak in 2025 and then decline dramatically for several years” (Inside HigherEd). Matched with a decline in demand from those students to enter into higher education, many higher education institutions are facing this currently or preparing for it.

University of Montana to restructure academic portfolio for next school year, citing changing student demands

The national narrative about the humanities’ lack of importance is a “red herring.”

“It’s the types of critical thinking skills that come from the humanities that are going to help people discern what’s AI-generated and what’s human-generated,” she said.


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