In Montana and Chicago, it’s the people that matter most

It’s who we are that matters, and no towering peaks or golden plains can redeem us when we fail to prove ourselves worthy of our surroundings.

When Chicago Tribune columnist Barbara Brotman and I started our little tempest over the various natural beauties of Chicago and Montana, I expected there’d be a few pot shots from the peanut gallery.

These days, especially in the realm of online journalism, it’s unavoidable.

Frankly, I thought Barbara would suffer the most barbs, primarily from Montanans taken aback by the audacity of a Midwesterner’s claim to scenic glory.

And yeah, she got a few. But they were mostly mockingly competitive, good-natured and cheerful. That’s sort of what I’ve come to expect from Montanans.

By MICHAEL MOORE of the Missoulian

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