Execs at company hoping to acquire Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana made $59 million in 2012

The top 10 highest paid executives of the Illinois-based company seeking to buy Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana made a combined $59 million in salaries and bonuses in 2012, according to Illinois state records.

Illinois-based Health Care Service Corporation is in the process of trying to acquire BCBSMT, Montana’s largest health insurance provider, and is seeking approval from State Auditor Monica Lindeen and Attorney General Tim Fox.

Lindeen’s office last month requested that executive compensation information for HCSC’s top executives be part of the record as state regulators consider whether the merger is in the best interest of Montanans.

"We think Montanans have a right to know what the executives of a potential acquirer of nonprofit Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana make," Lindeen’s chief legal counsel Jesse Laslovich said. "We already know what chief executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield make, and we think that information ought to be consistent."

Written by
John S. Adams
Tribune Capital Bureau

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