Communications Roundtable With Sen. Conrad Burns -It was another great Roundtable! You should have been there.

Many thanks to Sen. Burns, Bob Rowe, Mike Sheard, Brent Johnson , Rob Ferris, Kathy Duff and the other speakers who made this an excellent Roundtable focusing on the future of telecommunications. We discussed a wide range of challenges and opportunities in Montana. Some of the more interesting items discussed included:

VisionNet now has over 140 video conferencing studios available for your use. You can now go to the Great Falls Airport for a conference and never get on a plane.

Video on demand is on its way to Montana before the end of the year.

Do you know about ? You should…

VisionNet uses an extensive VOIP network for a host of activities. Do you?

Broadband over Power Lines may be closer than you think: "A new lane for the highway – Some utilities offer power lines to transmit digital signals"

The next time you go to New York and see the scrolling news and the stock prices on the big electric signs, remember that they were made in Montana.

Were you aware that the software system for the fully computerized development of the new Boeing 777 was lead by a Montana engineer.

Montana is on the cutting edge in many areas of the telecommunications spectrum because of the great support we get from our elected leaders and the many experts in telco innovation. Is your company taking advantage of these new technologies?

There were many more great insights at the Roundtable. You need to think about attending the next one…


The Montana Associated Technology Roundtables is honored to host Sen. Conrad Burns , Mr. Bob Rowe- Chairman of the Montana PSC , Mr. Mike Strand of MITS , Mr. Brent Johnson of OneEighty Communications, Mr. Rob Ferris of Blackfoot Communications, MS Kathy Duff of Bresnan Communications and other telecom experts in a panels discussion on the future of communications in Montana. Q&A will be encouraged during this panel presentation.

When: Saturday March, 27, 2003 11:00AM

Where: Zimorino’s – 424 N. Higgins, Missoula

Cost: $15 per person

Montana companies and entrepreneurs compete on a global scale and, because of our distance to many markets, communications play a major role in our success or failure.

The advent of
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)



Broadband over Power lines (BPL)

and other new technologies

(for more info on these:
will rapidly change the way that we communicate but, as expected, the implementation of these will be a challenge. We’ll discuss the current state of technology, regulation and ways that Montana can continue to be a leader in entrepreneurial innovation as well as the possible effects on our current communications infrastructure and the companies that support it. This discussion will also give you the opportunity to make your thoughts known to those who oversee the regulation and implementation of these new technologies. How will your company and Montana be affected by the decisions made by policy makers? I’m sure it will be a spirited conversation.

Please join us Saturday March, 27, 2003 at Zimorino’s – 424 N. Higgins, in beautiful downtown Missoula starting at 11:00AM. This will give everyone time to reconnect with those who’ve been hibernating all winter and to network with new acquaintances. We’ll have a wonderful lunch prepared by Chef John Ronson starting at 11:45. Sen. Burns will kick off the discussions at 12:15 and we’ll continue until we’ve either we come up with all of the answers or the beer runs out.

Seating will be limited to 65 so please RSVP (please e-mail [email protected] me if you’d like to attend) as soon as possible.

Thanks to Ruth Williams (543-7747) who has organized a very reasonable venue with lunch, salad, Chicken Canneloni and both chocolate and carrot cake including soft drinks for $15 per person which includes gratuity. There will be a beer and wine cash bar for those so inclined.

We hope to see you and anyone else interested in learning more about this very important topic who also wants to develop new relationships in the Montana entrepreneurial community. Remember: RSVP to me ASAP and “The State with the Best Education Wins!”

See you on the 27th.


Another reminder that you have until the end of the month to send in your application for the first class of Leadership Montana:


Greetings from Leadership Montana!

As Montana looks to the future, we face a changing and challenging economy, ever more complex issues regarding the health and security of our people, our management of natural resources, and an increasing need for citizens and government to be partners for a strong, growing Montana.

Progress depends on developing a sustainable core of committed leaders who understand these issues, are willing to listen to and learn from each other, celebrate cultural diversity and diverse opinions, and demonstrate a passion for the Last Best Place. Such is the mission of Leadership Montana.

Leadership Montana, a cooperative venture of Montana’s business, non-profit and higher education communities, is now accepting applications for the Class of 2004-2005 .

At the heart of Leadership Montana will be a nine month program of personal and trustee leadership development, business and issues education and leadership skills. Participants will be selected to ensure diversity and commitment. The program will be conducted in locations across the state. Ultimately, Leadership Montana members will form an important bond, creating a powerful network of energy, talent and leadership.

This vital undertaking begins with a vision for Montana’s future and will be an opportunity for collaboration that spans our geography, our government, and across all lines of business and society.

We hope you will consider this important effort. Please be aware that a limited number of scholarships are available. Applications must be received in Billings by March 29th, 2004. The first class will convene on September 8, 2004. Your involvement is important! After all, this is about Montana’s future and the leaders who will craft that future for generations to come.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please call me at 542-9395


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