Wyoming Poised for Transformation, Starting with IPv6

As state officials set Wyoming’s IT strategy for the coming years, the state is poised to become the first in the nation to have fully adopted Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) by 2015 — which is just a part of Wyoming’s plan to become a state that promotes education, innovation and economic growth, says state CIO Flint Waters.

"It represents us giving the opportunity to move into the next generation," he said, "and gives granular control down to the school district so they’ll be able to engage with bring-your-own-device or whatever they want to bring in. It positions us well so our infrastructure is up-to-date, ahead-of-date adequately."

IPv6 is the replacement for IPv4, which allows for 4.3 billion IP addresses — that will eventually run out. It’s been known for years that a transition to a new protocol would someday be necessary, and according to World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 adoption is now doubling each year.

By Colin Wood

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