World Class Information Technology services available on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation from Integrated Solutions, Inc. and Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc.

My name is Rodney Miller. I am employed as Manager of Development with the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes in Poplar, Montana. Through my current position with the Fort Peck Tribes, I am actively involved in the areas occupational skills training and economic development environments.

In my economic development experiences, I concur with many of your opinions that rural America, including the State of Montana and the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, possess unique and available economic infrastructure/opportunities to complete highly successful and profitable Information Technology oriented economic activities with the Nation’s urban environment.

On The Fort Peck Indian Reservation, we currently operate two Information Technology oriented companies. These entities are the Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc. and the Integrated Solutions, Inc.

The Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc. completes document conversion services and digitizing of DOD technical manuals for the four military branches of the U. S. Government.

The Integrated Solutions, Inc completes highly technical Information Technology services for the private domestic economic sector.

While I do not have narrative information on the Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc., here is a brief introductory narrative to the Integrated Solutions, Inc. In my opinion, I strongly believe that the respective costs of completing respective transactions with domestic corporate and governmental clientele are lower than those which may be available from comparable enterprises throughout rural America.

Rodney Miller

Manager of Development with the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes

[email protected]


Mr. Harold Buck Elk,

Chief Executive Officer

Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc.

P. O. Box 1532

Poplar, Montana 59255

(406) 768-5511

[email protected]


Mr. Wayne Two Bulls,
General Manager
Integrated Solutions, Inc.

220 3rd Avenue South

Suites D, E & F

Wolf Point, Montana 59201

[email protected]

(406) 653-1570



During May of 2005, Mr. Leonard Smith, Jr., former Chief Executive Officer of A & S Tribal Industries, Inc. and Mr. Ralph Burleson, Project Manager of Avanade, Inc. of Seattle, Washington, consulted with each other in Washington D. C. Mr. Burleson indicated that Avanade, Inc. was actively investigating the possibility of seeking federal Information Technology contracting opportunities. Also, Mr. Burleson determined that Nastive American companies possessed excellent potential for receiving U. S. Government information Technology production contracts. Mr. Burleson indicated that Avanade, Inc. was contacted by several Indian Tribes who were interested in establishing business development relationships with the corporation. During this time, it was the Fort Peck Reservation which impressed Burleson the most. Mr. Burleson was particularly impressed by established relationships area businesses, communities and the Fort Peck Community College. He also noted the area’s great vision for business. He was further impressed by the hospitality of area residents. As a result, he felt that Northeast Montana possessed a number of positive economic aspects and strategic advantages for Avande, Inc.

Also, Mr. Don Evans of Avanade, Inc. indicated that Avanade, Inc. possessed an opportunity for procuring and completing a commercial contract and were looking at establishing an appropriate enterprise in Chicago, Illinois. It was then that Mr. Burleson contacted Mr. Evans and indicated that he had a better idea–to establish the operation on the Fort Peck Reservation (in Wolf Point, Montana) with the proposed new Tribal economic enterprise of the Integrated Solutions, Inc.

On may 24-25, 2005, representatives from Avanade, Inc. conducted an on-site assessment of the economic environment of the Fort Peck Reservation. The task was completed to ascertain the feasibility of establishing appropriate economic relationships with the Fort Peck Tribes. After completing their analysis, representatives of Avanade, Inc. were satisfied with their results. They expressed an interest in completing further Information Technology economic services relationships with the Fort Peck Tribes.

A brief introduction to Avanade, Inc. is presented as follows:

Avanade, Inc. is the leading technology integrator specializing in the Microsoft enterprise platform.

Avanade, Inc. creates value for its customers by leveraging Microsoft enterprise technology to design, build and deploy customized, reliable architectures and scalable infrastructures which increase profitability, improve speed-to-market and accelerate growth.

Avanade, Inc. is focused on helping Global 2000 customers optimize existing and future Microsoft investments within their heterogeneous Information Technology environments.

Although Avanade, Inc. is an independent company, its objectives are closely aligned with those of its parent companies–Accenture and Microsoft. As such, Accenture supports Avanade, Inc. with financial and human resources, industry knowledge and business solution delivery expertise. Microsoft supports Avanade, Inc. with financial resources, specific product expertise, deep access to Microsoft’s enterprise technologies and other intellectual capital. Also, Avanade, Inc. is closely integrated with the product development teams at Microsoft. Avanade, Inc.’s (and Accenture’s) involvement in development and product enhancement allows for the development of more innovative solutions, to bring new technologies to market faster and enhance development initiatives for its customers.

Avanade, Inc. is privately owned and officially opened for business on April 04, 2000.

In July of 2005, the Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board officially established and chartered the operation of the Integrated Solutions, Inc.

During July and August of 2005, sequential, ongoing and comprehensive developmental activities for eventual and actual conceptualization of the economic activities to be provided to Avanade, Inc. by Integrated Solutions, Inc. were completed between Avanade, Inc. representatives and the Fort Peck Tribal officials.

During September and October of 2005, Integrated Solutions, Inc. personnel began active recruitment and assessment of prospective new employees for employment. Also, the Integrated Solutions, Inc. was successful in negotiating a rental lease agreement for temporary physical location of the corporation in the Neutgens Professional Building in Wolf Point, Montana.

During the week of November 10th, 2005, Integrated Solutions, Inc. managerial personnel and representatives from Avanade, Inc. developed their initial listing of new employees for the corporation. Initial corporate direct Employee composition consisted of seven Fort Peck Tribal members, one Non-Tribal member and four Non-Indians.

On Friday, October 14, 2005, Avanade, Inc. and Integrated Solutions, Inc. representatives endorsed a $292,500.00 ‘Statement of Intent’ to commence provision of technical IT assistance services to a Texas based customer to stabilize the Microsoft .NET version of its IT oriented Management Information Systems. Also, Ms. Margarett Campbell was temporarily appointed interim General Manager of the Integrated Solutions, Inc.

To assist in establishing the infrastructure and commencing implementation of the operation of the Integrated Solutions, Inc., the Fort Peck Enterprise Community (EC) provided approximately $50,000.00 in direct and indirect assistance, (eg., purchase of computers, workstations, payroll contributions, initial facility lease and renovation, EC staff time, etc.) The Fort Peck Community College initially provided in-kind technical managerial assistance, the State of Montana Community Development Block grant program provided approximately $75,000.00 in training assistance and start-up financing, while the Fort Peck Tribal Workforce Development Program provided approximately $40,000.00 in On-The-Job training assistance.

On October 17, 2005, the Integrated Solutions, Inc., through professional consulting assistance services procured from Adventos, Inc. Of Greenwich Village, Colorado, commenced and completed an intensive, three week technical IT training curriculum in Microsoft Viscual C#, ASP.NET and simulated actual occupational programming experiences with the twelve initial employees of the corporation. All training activities were completed in the new Wolf Point Campus facility of the Fort Peck Community College.

Also, in October of 2005–to assist the Integrated Solutions, Inc. in further addressing its employee training requirements–established and begin offering the CT 280 Microsoft Visual C#.NET academic oriented computer programming course. Also, Mr. Wayne Two Bulls, a former employee of the Xerox Corporation, was employed to assist in instructing additional computer programming curriculums being developed and provided by the Fort Peck Community College. (In the Spring of 2006, the Fort Peck Community College will begin offering a one-year Certificate in Computer Programming and eventually expanding the curriculum into a two-year Associate of Arts Degree.)

On November 17, 2005, an informal corporate luncheon was held. At the time, each of the twelve new employees of Integrated Solutions, Inc. were presented with respective certificates of training completion in Programming With C#, .NET and Web Application Development with ASP.NET.

During November of 2005, commencement of operations of Integrated Solutions, Inc. officially commenced. Its operation opens many new economic opportunities and financial benefits for the Fort Peck Reservation area. It allows more individuals to obtain meaningful employment in higher paying, highly skilled IT occupations in the global IT economy and yet continue to reside in the Fort Peck Reservation area. Most importantly, the effort provides realistic opportunities for the Fort Peck Reservation area to begin to measurably improve its economic future and effectively connect more with the global IT community and economy. Moreover, as Integrated Solutions, Inc. begins to build and establish its credibility, the enterprise possesses potential for attracting more projects, providing additional employment opportunities and subsequent expansion.

During December of 2005, a total of 22 individuals were employed with the Integrated Solutions, Inc. Also, the enterprise commenced activities for eventual procurement of its Federal Governmental ‘Section 8(a)’ Small and Disadvantaged Business Status from the U. S. Small Business Administration. In addition, during this time, Mr. Wayne Two Bulls was employed as Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Solutions, Inc.

During commencement of operation of Integrated Solutions, Inc., Avanade, Inc.–in fulfillment of portions of its agreement–provided the enterprise with software ‘leads’, program managerial personnel, organizational structuring and mentoring.

In March of 2006, to assist in further development of the technical IT capabilities of its labor force, the Integrated Solutions, Inc. was the recipient of a $150,000.00 Workforce Training Grant from the State of Montana Department of Commerce.

In September of 2006, Integrated Solutions, Inc. proceeded towards completing its initial Texas based IT contract for assisting in building and debugging medical software solutions.

According to Mr. Malcolm Quentin, Program Manager of Avanade, Inc. and external liason to the effort, progress attained in completing the initial contract enabled Integrated Solutions, Inc., as a start-up company, to develop and establish its credibility and capability as a viable information technology solutions provider.

During completion of its initial contract, the enterprise effectively assisted its Texas based customer in addressing and meeting an IT programming requirement. In December of 2005, Integrated Solutions, Inc. helped its customer meet a milestone when the client established a goal for Integrated Solutions, Inc. to clear 100 defects per job. Integrated Solutions, Inc. met and exceeded that goal by clearing 130 defects per job. As a result, Integrated Solutions, Inc. effectively proved its technical capabilities to its customer. As a result, the customer provided more technical IT contractual work to the enterprise through endorsement of an open-ended service contract through September of 2007.

During 2006, Integrated Solutions, Inc. experienced several shifts in the IT programming lifecycle with its customer. The customer moved from ‘Core’ implementation to state implementation in Kentucky, Wisconsin and Oregon.

Also, during this time, Mr. Quentin noted that employees of Integrated Solutions, Inc., during completion of the initial project, exhibited and expanded their IT skills and capabilities. Integrated Solutions, Inc. now possesses two fully qualified supervisory personnel and one ‘lead’ person. Most importantly, technical IT personnel of the enterprise are now fully capable of effectively resolving software ‘bugs.’

In addition, during the enterprise’s first six months of operation, the enterprise learned that its Means Cost To Resolve (MCTR) was 20 percent lower than the comparable internal MCTR ratio of its customer.

While completing technical IT service work for its customer, the customer required Integrated Solutions, Inc. employees to work 45 hours per week at each task. This service, when added to other essential corporate activities, meant some employees were working 50-55 hours per week.

As a result of initial successes, Integrated Solutions, Inc. and Avanade, Inc. are aggressively anticipating the next project for the enterprise. Mr. Quentin further stated that “the partnership is strong. We’ve met a milestone, which is a huge accomplishment. Integrated Solutions, Inc. is poised to grow into other opportunities.”

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