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At 147,040 square miles, the Last Best Place is also a really big place.

Montana fits in the palm of your hand, however, when you use mobile technology to access detailed layers of land information managed by geographic information professionals at the Montana State Library. Using these maps, Tom Kohley of Red Lodge has built a growing business around geospatial information and technology.

Learn how public access to geospatial data helps Montana’s farmers and ranchers document and protect assets on every square inch of their land. Professionally managed geographic information is at work for business growth in Montana. Filmed on location on the East Rosebud, south of Roscoe, Montana, near the Beartooth Mountains.

Ranch Maps provides professional mapping services and custom map products for ranch operations and large properties. Using GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, we can inventory land improvements, document property ownership or highlight unique natural and cultural features of your ranch.

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