Utah schools, state workers find raises too low. Proposed pay package bears no sign of good economy, critics say

A $187 million pay package for state workers and teachers approved by the Legislature’s main budget committee Tuesday was met with disappointment by teachers and state employees who wanted a bigger piece of the state’s $1 billion surplus.

Under the proposal, teachers would see a 5 percent increase in the basic school-finance formula (weighted pupil unit) that sets their base compensation.

"We want 8 percent," said Utah Education Association President Pat Rusk. "We had 4.5 percent last year, with a lot less money" in state revenues.

Meanwhile, state workers would see a 2.5 percent pay hike along with health benefit and retirement increases – which just keeps pace with inflation, says Utah Public Employees Association Director Audry Wood.

By Glen Warchol and Matt Canham
The Salt Lake Tribune

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