University of Utah President Michael Young urges universities, businesses to collaborate

University of Utah President Michael Young on Wednesday called on universities and the business community to collaborate on advancing devices and technology "out in the marketplace where they really do transform and change people’s lives."

Young, the keynote speaker at the Edison Showcase educational and networking event for Utah inventors and entrepreneurs, said the United States always has been at the forefront of economic changes because of its people, including a university’s ability to be "a launcher of talent and a basic research engine for the United States."

"The element added to it today is the increasing need — and I think one is seeing a realization of that need — of a partnership that occurs between the universities and the business community. Partnerships of all different sorts — partnerships working with venture capital, partnerships working with those innovators who take the basic research and create the translation research that creates real progress and the businesspeople who under- stand real markets and how to get things out," Young said.

By Brice Wallace
Deseret Morning News

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