University of Montana develops software, Global Information Gatherer, designed to aid college students

Today’s students manage a digital life as software and Internet research augment the traditional texts, handouts and notes they use in the classroom.

For example, one professor expects his students to stay current by accessing their assignments in Blackboard. In other classes, students are expected to learn Excel, Adobe Photoshop and an array of other computer applications.

Yolanda Reimer, an associate professor in UM’s Department of Computer Science, is attuned to this trend. She says help is on the way for students who juggle course work while learning to master the technology in their lives.

“One of the fascinating things in this day and age is how rapidly things are changing and how students are impacted,” Reimer says. “Students have so much information to manage and incorporate from many resources. We want to help them integrate technology in the most beneficial way.”

Global Information Gatherer

By Pamela J. Podger

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