The ultimate science-backed guide to emotional intelligence at work

Emotional Intelligence

Workers who cultivate emotional intelligence are less prone to chronic stress or burnout and exhibit more resilience and job satisfaction overall.

Author and psychologist Daniel Goleman expanded on this with the following personality and behavioral traits, which he uses to evaluate EQ:

  • Self-Awareness: Recognize your own emotions, choices, actions, and the potential effect they could have on others.
  • Self-Regulation: Process and express emotions constructively, adapt to changes flexibly, and manage conflict effectively.
  • Social Skills: Be an active listener, strong communicator, and respectful in all interactions to form high-trust relationships.
  • Empathy: Interpret how those around you feel, then respond in a way that comes across as compassionate and validating.
  • Motivation: Strengthen the drive to pursue your goals, seek out learning experiences, and continue to evolve as a person.

By Jessica Thiefels


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