The Power of Information: Using Data to Create and Refine Your Economic Development Strategy

Disruptive technologies such as the Internet have
quickly changed the data that people can access and
how they get their information. This shift is dramatically
impacting many industries, including economic development.

“The greatest danger in times
of turbulence is not the turbulence;
it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
Peter Drucker

By Anatalio Ubalde, MCP
Chief Operating Officer, GIS Planning, Inc.

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Ponca City Prospector ‘Wows’ N.Y. Visitor

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a news release sent to several publications by the Ponca City Development Authority.

Last month, a realtor from New York paid a visit to the Ponca City Development Authority. He wanted to know some detailed demographic information, including figures on household characteristics, income, and buying habits of Ponca City residents. Additionally, he wanted to know this information limited to the population within 15 minutes of a site he was already considering for his client, a retailer that was looking to expand.

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