The Most Powerful Internet Connection in the World Is Now in France

With billions of things–cars, appliances, cameras, watches–expected to tap the Internet by 2020, demand will only rise. "That is the thing that all network providers are panicking about. That bandwidth requirement is not going away. In fact, it’s increasing."

Last week, Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) and France Télécom-Orange (FTE) announced they had successfully deployed the world’s most powerful broadband infrastructure, an optical-link, 400 gigabits-per-second line between Paris and Lyon. The first users will be French researchers in need of blazing-fast Internet access. Businesses and consumers will come online later.

At 400G, it’s four times faster than the current state-of-the-art, high-speed broadband network. Consumers don’t access this fat, intracity fire hose; we tap into smaller lines to our homes and businesses that represent a fraction of the potential of the entire line. Even so, a slice of the French line would still put today’s high speeds to shame.

by: Bernhard Warner

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