The Little Red Trucks are Coming – 46th Year of Tour Training at Missoula Children’s Theatre

Tuesday morning begins one of the busiest, most important two weeks of MCT’s year. On that morning, 47 new Tour Actor/Directors will enter the MCT Center for the Performing Arts for the very first time to begin their journey with the Missoula Children’s Theatre.

During the next two weeks of their initial training, they will come into contact with nearly every member of the home staff, as each department will take a turn to prepare them for the road. They will be fitted for costumes, learn the movement of their shows, discover how to teach and direct, absorb the business aspects of the job, receive the keys to a Ford F150 and pack up that truck.

In short, the Tour Actor/Directors will begin to understand how to be an ambassador for the arts. They will then join the ranks of the 43 current veteran Tour Actor/Directors who are continuing their MCT adventure of developing life skills in children through participation in the performing arts.

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