The Arts Add Up!

The arts are big business in Spokane and in our country. As we have learned in the Americans for the Arts report, Arts and Economic Prosperity: The Economic Impact of Non-Profit Arts Organizations, the arts non-profit sector is a growing segment in the economy.

Susan Hardie– Spokane Arts Commission in Innovator

This report estimates that nationally the arts non-profit industry generates $134 billion in economic activity each year. And the arts generate an estimated 4.85 million full-time equivalent jobs. Here in Spokane, the figures are equally impressive…according to the most recent report, The Economic Impact of the Arts in Spokane compiled by the Spokane Arts Commission along with the Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce, the local arts non-profits, art businesses and individual artists contribute $18,905,190 in direct impact to the Spokane economy, with an estimated indirect impact of $54,446,947!

The Spokane Arts Commission, whose mission is to promote and enhance the quality, accessibility and presence of the arts in Spokane, is dedicated to providing arts resources and information to individuals and businesses, as well as disseminating information to the public about arts & cultural events and opportunities. Toward this end, we have we have established the region’s most comprehensive database of artists, arts organizations and arts-related businesses. We have also created the website as well as our brand new Spokane Arts E-Mail Newsletter. We feel these valuable resources are our most effective tools as we continue to nurture growth in Spokane’s Arts sector.

We invite you to peruse the website (we think you’ll be amazed at how much cool stuff is really going on here!). And we’d be most happy to send you the Spokane Arts E-Newsletter. Just email with your email address and we’ll get you going.

We look forward to continued growth in Spokane’s Arts sector. As Richard Florida in Rise of the Creative Class reminds us, the “creative” have always been the engine of economic success and social change. Support of the arts is a crucial element in the well being of our community. So take your family to a holiday concert… purchase locally created art as gifts… consider a charitable donation to your favorite arts organization this year. You’ll be helping to build a community that nurtures creativity – and that’s a good thing for the pocketbook… and the soul!

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