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From touting its inspirational magnificence to its status as "not Las Vegas," a few people gathering in Salt Lake City Monday had divergent notions about how to brand Utah to out-of-state tourists.

About 70 people attended Monday’s "branding" meeting — one of several scheduled throughout the state by the Office of Tourism — at the Salt Palace and proffered ideas for a tourism slogan.

Some promoted Utah’s grandeur: "Outdoors and So Much More." "It’s the West." "Where Magnificence Surrounds You."

Others aimed at derailing misperceptions or played on humor: "Less Weird Than You’ve Heard." "It’s Not What You Think." "What Happens Here Doesn’t Have to Stay Here."

"We hope at the end of the day that we can not just brand the state but differentiate ourselves from certainly the surrounding area and other states," said Leigh von der Esch, managing director of the tourism office.

By Brice Wallace
Deseret Morning News

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Utah tourism brand suggestions

Among the suggestions for Utah’s tourism slogan at Monday’s branding meeting at the Salt Palace were these, many of which would be prefaced with the word "Utah":,1249,605154101,00.html

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