Social Enterprise Alliance

You or your staff occasionally (frequently?) encounter non-profit organizations that have the best of intentions and do wonderful things but struggle to fund their activities. Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is dedicated to supporting effective, more sustainable non-profits through earned income strategies.

SEA offers many services and products for fee, but they also produce a free biweekly bulletin that is always filled with great ideas and success stories from successful ventures. The bulletin is also a place where that struggling non-profit can to ask for advice, and get real world responses. You will find the news bulletin sign up offer on the front page of the above linked website.

Book mark the web page and recommend this resource to non-profits that you think might benefit from an earned income strategy. Please feel free to share with your staff.

Paul Johnson

Special Projects Representative

(360) 704-7761

"Committed to the future of rural communities"


(Many thants to Sandi Boughton for passing this along. Russ)

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