Saving the Mansion on the Hill Overlooking Flathead Lake in Somers, Montana

The Somers Mansion overlooks Flathead on July 08, 2021. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

“We want to keep the community informed of what’s happening with the mansion and we want to be transparent,” she said. “The community loves this building and we don’t want to just shut them out.”

In early 2013, Christy Manson, a flight attendant from California who planned on retiring in Montana, made an offer. She had seen the listing and, upon visiting the property, immediately fell in love. A few days after the sale closed, news of the mansion’s new owner hit the newspapers. Manson, who had no idea of the building’s ties to the community, was shocked.

“I never anticipated the huge spotlight on me when I bought it. It’s overwhelming,” she told the Flathead Beacon in late 2013, months after she had purchased it and unflattering rumors of the building’s future began to percolate around town. “I’m going to do whatever I can to preserve what I can, but it seems that the whole town thinks it has a say in what happens.”

Somers native Jasmine Morton has always loved the mysterious yellow house overlooking Flathead Lake, and now she and her husband are restoring the historic Somers Mansion to its former glory

By Justin Franz

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