Rural Needs a Positive Vision to Survive and Thrive


More people than ever need opportunities that rural America can provide. It’s up to those who love those communities welcome the next generations of rural Americans.


Changes to the Census Could Make Small Towns Disappear

A recent analysis by Randall Akee, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that on reservations with fewer than 5,000 people, the algorithm decreased the population of Native Americans by an average of 34 percent.

60 miles from college: Lack of education, a way out of poverty, could ‘kill rural America’

More than 5 million Americans live in education deserts, lacking any college within a 30-minute drive. Few students go away to college, and poverty persists.

Frontier Communities Get a New Advocate

Frontier regions constitute nearly half of the nation’s land area but only 2 percent of its population.

Investments in Climate Action Could Boost Rural Economies, Research Finds

Researchers believe rural America may be the key to some of the most effective climate change mitigation practices.

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