Roundabout Saves the Day in Wanker’s Corner

This is the story of a "traffic miracle" at Wanker’s Corner.

That’s what the parishioners of Rolling Hills Community Church call what happened at the juncture of Stafford and Borland roads in Clackamas County.

Traffic engineers lean on a more scientific explanation: Fighting chaos with chaos, a strategy that’s increasingly being applied to the region’s troubled intersections.

"Chaos," said Portland traffic engineer Scott Batson, "seems to be coming back as a way to control traffic."

By Joseph Rose, The Oregonian

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Signs of the times: Profusion of placards pops up around Missoula’s South Higgins roundabout

By KEILA SZPALLER of the Missoulian

If you get lost going through Missoula’s new roundabout, it’s not for a lack of signs.

In that intersection, where South Higgins Avenue, Hill Street and Beckwith Avenue meet, there are at least 60 signs, maybe as many as 80. That’s according to the man who made them. The city engineer? He’s a witness, too.

"You drive down there, and it’s sign after sign after sign," said city engineer Kevin Slovarp. "Those just stick out because the vegetation in the center of the roundabout is not mature. They won’t stick out in a couple years, I guarantee you."

But signs are cropping up in other places, too, and these aren’t the ones with dancing turkeys that get people most riled up. They’re traffic signs, signs with cheerful announcements ("Playful City, U.S.A"), and parking signs. And these days, more of them are here to stay.

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