Recommended Reading: Picks for Career Inspiration

While leaders draw their inspirations from a variety of sources, stories of other leaders are often high on the list. We asked Janet Hanson, founder of 85 Broads, a network of more than 8,000 women professionals, to offer some of the books that have inspired her and shaped her career.

Well-known in certain Wall Street circles, Ms. Hanson has devoted a good deal of her professional life to helping other women succeed. She began her career at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in the 1970s, becoming its first woman sales manager, and launched her own firm, Milestone Capital Management in Greenwich, Conn. In 1999, she formed 85 Broads, a mentoring program connecting current and former Goldman women, named for the investment bank’s New York headquarters on 85 Broad Street. The network has expanded to include women from top M.B.A. and undergraduate programs and is now world-wide. Ms. Hanson also is a managing director at Lehman Brothers, mentoring women executives at the New York-based investment bank and helping to expand its recruitment and human-capital-development efforts.

Here’s the list of her selections, with her comments about each one.

By Sarah E. Needleman

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