Please help! Identify Montana’s Industrial Business Parks

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The Montana Department of Commerce Business Development Division periodically receives requests for information from potential investors seeking land or buildings in a developed industrial business park. Quite often the investor, whether U.S. or foreign, would prefer to create their business entity in a semi- or fully-developed park with ready access to transportation, water, energy, communication infrastructure and labor. Additionally, investors are often curious about local, state and federal incentives by site before a selection is made.


Montana Dept. of Commerce is working to compile a comprehensive list of industrial business parks in the state, with associated contact information, and is seeking your assistance in doing so. The information you provide will ultimately be shared with potential investors on a case-by-case basis. Please take some time to help your state partners shine a light on your regional business park(s) by filling out the  spreadsheet below and returning by November 20th.

MT Industrial Business Parks

Instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet are also attached. Please direct any questions or comments to MT DoC Industry Development Officer Kristian Richardson at (406) 841-2032 or [email protected].


Thank you,


Industry Development Officer

Research & Information Services Division


T: 406.841.2032 | M: 406.422.7983


Instructions for Completing the MT Industrial Business Parks Spreadsheet

Site_Name: The name of the business park

City: The closest city or town to where the park is located

County: The county in which the park is located

Year Est.: The year in which the park was incorporated

Total Sites: The total number of sites in the park upon completion

Sites Avail.: The number of sites that remain available to build out

Sq. Ft. Avail.: The total number of square feet of park space currently available under roof.

Size (Acres): The total number of acres of the park

Current Max Power: The amount of power available to supply to your park via local substation

Gas: Describe the natural gas infrastructure to your park?

Communication: Do you have Internet connectivity? If so, describe the infrastructure (Fiber, Microwave, etc…)

Water: Community water, well, etc..

Labor (1hr drive radius): Please provide an estimate of the size of the potential labor force that lives within a reasonable commute from your business park. This can differ based on time of year topography, just do your best (typically a one-hour drive time radius)

Dist. To Airport: Driving distance from business park to nearest of Montana’s 7 major airports (*see list below)

Dist. To Rail: Driving distance to haul product from business park to nearest modern railhead. If on site, state 0.

Dist. To Interstate: Driving distance to nearest US Highway or Interstate junction.

TIFID: Is the park in a TIF District?

OZ: Is the park in a qualified Opportunity Zone?

POC1_Name: Primary point of contact’s name

POC1_Phone: Primary point of contact’s phone number

POC1_Email: Primary point of contact’s email address

POC2_Name: Secondary point of contact’s name

POC2_Phone: Secondary point of contact’s phone number

POC2_Email: Secondary point of contact’s email address

Website: A website address you would likely share with a potential investor for them to learn more about your business park. If none, then your EDA/RDC website.

Additional Info: Any additional information you’d like to share.

* Primary 7 Montana Airports are: Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell, Missoula

MT Industrial Business Parks

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