One Great Aspiration – Leaders who tap into the aspirations of their followers are leaders who have the opportunity to achieve greatness.

In August of 1969, a brand new coach at the University of Michigan took charge of his football team. Players assembled expecting a tune up prior to the season. What they got were grueling workouts. Players quit in droves but the ones for whom football was a calling as well as a ticket to college remained. During that hot summer, a sign was posted in the locker room: “Those who stay will be champions.”

The 1969 team did win its championship by beating number one Ohio State in the last regular season game. Michigan’s coach was Bo Schembechler and in his 20 seasons, his teams captured 12 Big Ten titles. Schembechler did more than win: He tapped into the collective energy of his players. By doing so, he created expectations that could only have been fulfilled by aspirations to greatness, a total commitment to achieving a goal. This applies not to the gridiron, but to life itself.

BY : John Baldoni

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