Non Profit Organizations Creates Many Jobs and Contributes Millions of Dollars to Missoula’s Economy

Their names are synonymous with the city’s culture – the Missoula Writing Collaborative, the Missoula Cycling Association, the Missoula Food Bank. The list runs long – more than 225 in fact – each a nonprofit playing a vital role in the city’s wellbeing.

Nonprofit organizations in Missoula and across Montana also served as a strong part of the state’s economy in 2012, providing work for nearly 45,000 people, or nearly 10 percent of the workforce.

The Montana Nonprofit Association released its 2013 report earlier this year, breaking down the state’s nonprofit organizations by category, city, and total wages provided by the groups.

Missoula remains home to more nonprofits than any other Montana city with 226, or one organization per every 8.84 residents. The groups employed roughly 4,972 people and paid nearly $146 million in wages.

"We employ a dozen people and our budget is $800,000," said Laura Millin, director of the Missoula Art Museum. "Here in Missoula, we can certainly assert that the arts and cultural sector is a rock star in the nonprofit sector."

By Martin Kidston

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