New Yorker ad puts spotlight on Montana – Here’s the full ad

"In Montana, There’s Nothing Between Me and Where I Want to Go" Walter Kirn – Author of "Up In The Air"

The Montana Office of Tourism authorized a four-page, full-color advertising supplement for Montana in the April 19 edition of the New Yorker Magazine .

"Some people are looking for a place to be quiet. Montana is where that possibility is absolutely alive, the same as it was for the first homesteaders. There’s something about those open spaces that allows for an expansion of the soul. People who live here look out at the land and see something that’s full and ripe. If you are willing to see beyond what you are trained to see, coming here can be a life-changing experience." Judy Blunt

Officials hope the New Yorker’s readers will take the ad’s pitch to heart and come here to vacation.

"I can pull into any tavern or gas station anywhere in Montana and, with a basic code of politeness and fundamental human etiquette, make friends, find out what’s going on, hear stories. That’s to me the paradox of Montana. It’s a vase state that allows you to have life-sized experiences, one-on-one conversations, intimate encounters with your fellow passenger in the car as you drive to Glacier Park, walks down Main Street in which you can feel the whole history of a town." Walter Kirn

Thanks to Susan Buhr in the Montana Department of Commerce, Office of Tourism , here is the full New Yorker Advertising Section:

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