New York Times Movie Review "The Little Red Truck" – Small Eyes on the Big Stage

All year long, all across North America, the bright-eyed actor-directors of the Missoula Children’s Theater disembark from their little red trucks in towns both big (Los Angeles) and small (Somerton, Ariz.) to put on shows.

This is the story of “The Little Red Truck,” a documentary by the filmmaker Rob Whitehair, and if it sounds like the cutest thing in the history of cuteness, that’s because it is. It would take a superhuman capacity for cynicism to resist the radiant optimism of the Missoula Children’s Theater players and the unabashed pep of this joyful portrait. Sure, this sweet little movie isn’t going to change the world, but when those little red trucks roll up, and all those little eyes light up, that’s exactly what happens.


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