Montana Superintendent Denise Juneau Celebrates American Education Week; Honors Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Urges Montanans Get Involved in Local Schools

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During this year’s American Education Week—November 15–21, 2009—Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau joins millions of educators, parents, students, and community leaders in raising awareness about the critical need to provide every child with a quality public education. Here, in Montana, Superintendent Denise Juneau spoke with Montana’s Teacher of the Year and America’s Young Scientist of the Year about what education means to them.

"During American education week we hope to inspire more Montanans to get involved with the public education system and learn about all of the great programs and people working in your school," said Juneau

Juneau said teachers in Montana and in communities across the nation will be in the spotlight this week, as students, parents, school administrators and the general public learn about how quality public schools benefit the whole community.

"Our public education system does so much for every community and for our state. Public education truly is the cornerstone of our democracy and the bedrock of economic development in this state," she said.

Juneau also called on Montanans to get involved with their local schools. “We believe we all have to work together to make our schools even better,” said Juneau. “That means everyone in the community. Parents, business owners, retirees, local school boards, and students. Public schools are at the heart of every community. When there are problems, we address them. When there are kudos, we share them."


Inspiring Montanans

Superintendent Denise Juneau on the meaning of American Education Week.

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Get involved

Superintendent Denise Juneau on why education important to all Montanans.

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Making our state stronger

Teacher of the Year Anne Keith talks about what parents and members of the community can do to get involved with their local school.

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Tomorrow’s world

Teacher of the Year Anne Keith on what she is doing to prepare her students for tomorrow’s world.

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Doing great things

America’s Top Young Scientist Marina Dimitrov on the importance of getting kids excited about science.

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Science is cool

America’s Top Young Scientist says more girls should get involved in science.

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Working together

America’s Top Young Scientist on what she likes best about school.

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